Super Mario Odyssey: review

Super Mario Odyssey is a platform game developed by Nintendo and released in 2017 for the Nintendo Switch.

This game won multiple awards such as Game of the Year from the National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers (NAVGTR), Ars Technica, and the Empire magazine.

The critical consensus regards Super Mario Odyssey as one of the best entries in the Mario franchise.


The Mario games have a history of shaping and shifting the video game world. The first title in this franchise, Super Mario Bros, solidified platformer as a genre, while Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World took that idea to new heights.

Super Mario 64 codified the formula for 3D platformer; Super Mario Sunshine gave us a new take on Mario and put him somewhere players would’ve never imagined. And the Super Mario Galaxy series found a way to revitalize the genre.

However, the games that came after these titles were great at meeting people’s expectations, but they offered nothing revolutionary.

That’s where Super Mario Odyssey shines through, because it was a game that felt like it could leave a remarkable impact on the gaming world.

This game is as dazzling and graceful as it looks. The story is as simple as charming as people can expect from a Mario game. The music is delightful, and the aesthetics are colorful, refreshing, and pleasant to look at.

When it comes to the plot, Super Mario Odyssey wastes no time in getting to the point. It starts with in the middle of a brawl between Mario and Bowser, who kidnaps Princess Peach again with the intention to force her into marriage.

Eventually, Mario’s hat gets destroyed in the skirmish and ends up knocked out. Later, a ghost hat named Cappy wakes Mario up who explains Bowser also kidnapped his sister Tiara.

He reveals that Bowser is travelling around the world to collect several items for his wedding. So, Mario and Cappy team up and set off inside Cappy’s airship named “The Odyssey.”

Each kingdom is so unique and charming that it makes you want to find out everything about it. The game visuals are so beautiful and gorgeous that they feel like developers intended them to make players feel happy.

The game allows player to change Mario’s outfit with a lot of choices. It plays a role in the game too because the people of each kingdom will treat Mario differently depending on what he’s wearing.

The music is amazing. The soundtrack is so good that it can fit with a lot of different places. The combination of the music and the visuals are powerful enough to appeal to both newcomers and veteran players.

This game features the basic formula we’ve seen in other 3D Mario games. However, every aspect of the gameplay from the control to the platforming and level design is smooth and fluid.

One notable difference between Super Mario Odyssey and earlier entries in this series is the lives. The game completely drops the idea of collecting lives. Instead, every time players die, the games deduct 10 coins from their collection.

Thanks to this new feature, the game encourages players to track down coins, a collectible that some people could neglect otherwise.

Mario can perform the same surprising acrobatic techniques he could use in some earlier titles. With the addition of Cappy, Mario’s move set changes a bit.

The main mechanic involves throwing Cappy in front of him. Mario can use him as shield or a platform to perform some neat tricks. Cappy also grants Mario a new ability; the power to hijack the body of NPCs or enemies.

Mario can take over several dozens of beings in this game, and all of them behave extremely different. Players will need to hijack the body of a specific character to beat puzzles and challenges.

Super Mario Odyssey features some motion controls. Even though the game gives you option to turning them off, if you do so would prevent you from performing some specific moves.

Players will have to collect power moons to power the Odyssey and access new kingdoms to explore.

The game rewards the player with moons for accomplishing obligatory goals. But, aiming solely for plot-based tasks drastically shortens the playtime, because Super Mario Odyssey is all about exploration.

This game encourages players to search and find as many items and collectibles as they can.

The boss fights are easy but a lot of fun. Every battle with Bowser feels satisfying but different. The level design looks awesome and lively, although some of them have too much unused space.

The more you do in Super Mario Odyssey the more the game will reward you, which make this adventure more enjoyable and adds a lot of replay value.

Super Mario Odyssey is the kind of game that an average Nintendo and Mario fan would love. We highly recommend it.